Beechenhill Farm - How to Be a Beechenhillbilly
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How to Be a Beechenhillbilly

HilbillyOur Travellers code:
Love the Peak District and help us look after it
Before you come to stay:
While you are here, please minimise your impact:
  • Enjoy yourself, relax and have fun!
  • Give your car a holiday
  • Join locally organised walks and tours, use public transport and bike hire
  • Buy local produce, buy organic, drink tap water not bottled
  • Take home local food, art and crafts as souvenirs
  • Use water and power sparingly, switch lights off, dry washing outside, turn the heating down, wear a local woolly jumper!
  • When you go out for the day, turn off heating and lights
  • Recycle your rubbish or take it home
  • Learn about how we live and respect our local communities
  • Respect our countryside, take photos not plants, leave gates as you find them
  • Don�t climb dry-stone walls, they fall down easily and take a long time to repair
  • Keep to paths, keep dogs on a lead
  • Show you are a responsible traveller, ask about environmental policies, look for environmental groups and awards Peak District Environmental Quality Mark, Green Tourism Business Scheme, Peak District Foods
  • Enjoy our fresh air and tranquillity
When you get back:
  • Write to your hosts with ideas for reducing environmental impacts and appreciation of what they are doing already
  • Leave a review
  • Tell your friends, share your photos
  • Enjoy the memories and start planning your next trip!

Customer Services    Tel: +44 (0)1335 310274      Email:     To Book