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A Wood-fired Sauna

Snuggled in a hidden corner of the garden, just a few steps from your room is our wood-fired barrel sauna. 

Sauna at Beechenhill Farm
A 'Make me feel wonderful' Sauna
Imagine tip-toeing from your room to the secret corner where the lovely wooden barrel sauna is heated, ready for your visit.  Outside there are low relaxing chairs and a fireplace as well as a gorgeous outdoor shower (hot and cold!).  From the shower you can glimpse the setting sun over the Manifold valleyside.
 "The sauna, then the shower, then back into the sauna, made me feel sooo exhilarated and yet soooo relaxed- my 'well-being' score shot up!!
 Outdoor shower at Beechenhill Farm
 The sauna has a small lobby for changing  and is very private.  Cotton towels are supplied to sit on and a tub of water for sprinkling on the hot rocks is ready and waiting for you.
To Book the Sauna
You can book exclusive use of the sauna by letting us know when you book your accommodation.
  • Simple Sauna: Use of the heated sauna, outdoor shower and sauna corner for a session, (a morning, afternoon or evening)  £40 
  • Luxury Sauna: Use of the heated sauna, outdoor shower and sauna corner with fireplace lit, Wood fired Sauna at Beechenhill Farmmarshmallows for toasting and lovely thick cotton dressing gowns for a session, (a morning, afternoon or evening)  £60
  • What to Wear?: Wear swim wear if you want or its best with bare skin (lycra gets very hot and uncomfortable), we provide cotton wraps (both skimpy and generous) so you can be as natural as possible.  We also provide towels to sit on.
A 'Won't make me feel guilty' Sauna
We burn waste wood and/or recycled wood bricketts to get the sauna hot hot hot, so nothing to worry about there.  The wraps are upcycled Egyptian cotton sheets and the lovely lilac and lavender towels are up-cycled from the B&B, dyed after their pristine whiteness has declined....
Wood fired sauna at Beechenhill Farm
So really you should book the sauna because it will make you feel good in so many ways!!
Beechenhill's outdoor shower and sauna 
Customer Services    Tel: +44 (0)1335 310274      Email:     To Book