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Organic Milk

We are delighted to supply raw organic milk!  Please call before you come 01335 310467 /07922 574972

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Terry Prince
Beechenhill Organic Raw Milk 2018
Star in the milking parlour at Beechenhill FarmWe only produce unpasteurised organic milk on our farm, no cheese or yoghurt for sale. We have a producer retailer license that allows us to sell our milk from the farm.  Because of this it goes through extra tests.

Our customers come to the farm regularly to collect their milk in their own sterilised containers; some come every week, others every month.

Directions to Beechenhill Farm, DE6 2BD: Click here

How to Buy Our Milk

We don't bottle or deliver our milk.  Please call before first collection to discuss your requirements.

  • Milk is available on the farm every other day between 10am and 3pm by appointment.  It is collected by the Dairy company every other day. Please check the calendar below.
  • You must bring your own sterilised container
  • Please telephone Terry Prince 01335 310467 before you come to make sure we are available
  • The milk price is as follows: £1 per litre up to 10 litres, 90p per litre 11 to 25 litres, 80p per litre for 26 litres or more (January 2016).
Milk is available for collection:

January odd days eg 1st, 3rd, 5th etc
February even days eg 2nd, 4th, 6th etc
March even days
April odd days
May odd days
June even days
July even days
August odd days
September even days
October even days
November odd days
December odd days

January even days
February odd days
March odd days
We would be delighted to see you if you wanted to call in or have a chat email or call 01335 310467

Read more about organic milk :

Blue at Beechenhill Farm

The regulations say that we must state the following: 

"This milk has not been heat-treated and may therefore contain organisms harmful to health."

Customer Services    Tel: +44 (0)1335 310274      Email:     To Book