Beechenhill Farm - Beechenhill for Children
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Beechenhill for Children

18 Top Things to do at Beechenhill Farm- CHILDREN ONLY!

- Always check with your adult before doing these things- ask for their help

- Keep yourself safe, check for danger; steep edges, cars, water, animals

- Take care of the countryside, don't climb stone walls (they fall down easily)

- Most importantly- have fun!!
Click here to download your copy of the things to do, so you can tick them off as you do them.

Click here to download the Map
childrens' map of Beechnehill Farm, Peak District
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Things to do whilst staying at Beechenhill Farm You need
Things to remember
1 Tree climbing: Find one in the garden at Beechenhill and some in Dovedale and Ilam Park. A sturdy tree with big strong branches, wear trainers or boots. Keep three arms and legs on the tree at all times.
2 Fallen tree clambering: Find some fallen trees in Ilam Park and Dovedale, there is one across the river at the bottom of Hall Dale (make sure you are with an adult for this one!). Large tree lying on the ground, wear trainers or boots. Check that the tree isn't too slippery and stick your arms out to balance.
3 Cross a river on Stepping Stones: There are Stepping Stones at Dovedale Stepping stones, wear trainers or boots. Stick your arms out to balance and make sure the stones are clear of people before you set off.
4 Hill rolling: There are some great slopes at Ilam Park. A grassy hill with nothing to bump into on your way down. Keep arms tucked in and watch out for animal poo.
5 Kite Flying: Some fields at Beechenhill are brilliant for flying kites. Plenty of wind and a wide open space and a kite. Keep hold of the string and walk backwards into the wind.
6 Sledging: Some fields at Beechenhill and at Ilam Park are good for sledging and there are sledges to borrow. A sledge, plenty of snow and a hill, not too steep with nothing to bump into.
Go feet first so you can use your feet as brakes if you go too fast.
7 Rope Swing: There are two rope swings in Beechenhill Garden. A readymade rope swing. For the best swing, jump backwards to get started.
8 Flying with your feet on the ground: The top fields at Beechenhill are great for this- especially if you stand on the old burial mound! A really windy day and a wide open space or hill. Lean into the wind and spread your arms out but stay away from steep edges.
9 Climbing a Huge Hill: Bunster Hill opposite Beechenhill Farm is an enormous hill you can walk to. A huge hill, trainers or boots, warm clothes. It is quite a big walk to the top of the hill, keep going because it is worth it!
10 Making a grass trumpet: You can usually find long, strong grasses on the edge of fields. clean, wide, strong blade of grass, two hands and a big breath. Hold the grass firmly in between your two thumbs, press your lips together firmly and blow.
11 Watch the sun come up: The sun rises from behind Bunster Hill. To find out what time the sun will rise then set an alarm to wake you up early. You will need to get up in the dark so take a torch and warm clothes.
12 Feed the Chickens: Chickens will eat bread or biscuit crumbs. Some crumbs or fruit bits and call them to you- 'Chook chook' scatter the food on the ground. Chickens are mainly vegetarian and don't want to eat leftover meat.
13 Collect the eggs: The Beechenhill Chickens lay eggs most days, maybe you will eat the ones you collect for breakfast. To ask at the farm house if it is ok to go to the chicken sheds, get a basket for the eggs. Be quiet and calm near the chicken sheds and eggs are delicate, bring them carefully to the farm house. Make sure you wash your hands after being near farm animals.
14 Do a night time nature walk: Try the farm trail at Beechenhill or Ilam Park in the dark. A torch and a grown up to show you where to look, trainers or boots and warm clothes. Try not to use your torch so your eyes get used to the dark, be very quiet and look at the stars if the sky is clear.
15 Watch the Milking: Milking happens twice a day at Beechenhill Farm; the afternoon milking is at about 5pm. To arrange at the farmhouse when you would like to watch the milking. Cows may poo so wear wellies and protective clothing. Make sure you wash your hands after being near farm animals.
16 Building a Den: There are great places to build a den across the river in Ilam Park.   Branches, twigs, leaves, mud. Choose a dry flat place, you could start with a wigwam shape.
17 Pooh Sticks St Bertram's Bridge in Ilam Park is the best place- no cars there! Little sticks or leaves, one for each person. Drop the sticks in the water on the upstream side of the bridge. Then see whose stick first appears on the downstream side.
18 Paddling in a stream There is a great paddling place at Wetton Mill. A safe stream, bare feet and trousers rolled up (waterproof shoes if it's very pebbly). The water will be very cold, take a towel to dry off afterwards.


Childrens' Map of Beechenhill FarmPlease tell us about other things you do at Beechenhill, email us at with photos, drawings and ideas
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