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Sustainable Policy

Our mission: ‘to please you, so that you return, in a way that pleases the planet and pleases us too’.

We live here in a beautiful place in the Peak District National Park, an area recognised by the nation as an exceptionally valuable landscape. We have the opportunity to try and live in this beautiful place in a way that improves our environment, uses our resources efficiently and creates as little waste as possible. We are certainly not perfect but are on a journey towards improving what we do and how we do it.

We want to live in a healthy community and world so we work to engage with and support our local community and raise awareness and support our global community where we can.

By farming organically we want to work in sympathy with nature- we don’t want to fight or try and bendnature to our needs. Nature provides everything we humans need.

1.Food Purchasing:

  • 1st Seasonal Local organic
  • 2nd Local
  • 3rd UK organic
  • th UK
  • •5th Fair trade

2.General Purchasing:

  • Bulk
  • Recycled
  • Up-cycled
  • Re-useable (Cloth napkins not paper etc)


  • Interview first re ethics etc
  • Local /British/Fairtrade/charitable


  • If we can walk, walk
  • If we can cycle, cycle
  • If we can use public transport, do so
  • f we can share lifts, share lifts (pick up guests from public transport)
  • Minimum use of cars, always multipurpose trips
  • Energy efficient vehicles
  • Encourage use of our electric charging station and electric bikes


  • Honest, open, fun
  • Electronic, emails, website etc
  • Postal, supporting Post office’s important service to rural areas


  • Collect rain water in tank for use in houses
  • Rain water flushes were possible
  • Eco-flush toilets
  • Eco-friendly washing powder and toiletries etc used everywhere
  • Look after ponds and other habitats


  • Conserve and enhance our environment
  • Share and educate about our environment
  • Use our environment for the benefit of our society


  • Reduce waste (serve breakfast on big platters so left over items can be used, not wasted) Everything no longer required will be
  • Up-cycled (dyed towels, painted furniture etc)
  • Reused (given to staff, village, free cycle, Encore furniture)
  • Recycled (paper, plastic, glass, metal, card, electrical)
  • Composted (food waste)


  • Look after our heat (draughts, shutters, double glazing, insulation)
  • Generate our energy (biomass, solar)
  • Minimise any carbon heavy fuel (oil, coal etc)


  • Employ local people
  • Support our local community
  • Donate time, expertise, effort, money to local community
  • Support and donate to appropriate global community organisations (Anthony Nolan, Practical Action)


  • Surveying Guests
  • Trip Adviser/Trip Adviser Green Leader (Platinum)
  • Peak District Environmental Quality Mark
  • Green Tourism Business Scheme
  • Bench marking (Entering Eco-Tourism Awards)


  • Be happy and proud with things we do well!
  • Love living at Beechenhill